Ichizawa Shinzaburo Hanpu

The mark of our bags

The mark of our bags

There are three brands at Ichizawa Shinzaburo Hanpu and so three different name tags are used depending on the bag type.
Thanks to them, some customers have said that they could locate our shop when our bags caught their eye in town.
We would like to introduce each name tag.


Shinzaburo Hanpu
This label is for our plain, unprinted cotton bags which make up the majority of our sales.

Shinzaburo Kaban
This label is used for our linen products as well as some cotton canvas products which have been printed with our original patterns.

Ichizawa Hanpu
This label is used for the original products of Ichizawa Hanpu which are the specially made bags for craftspeople and workers.


The name tag is our guarantee of the product.
Before the tag was used, the shop's name and address, indicating where it could be repaired, were stamped onto the bag itself.
However, the stamps gradually become indistinct after long use.


We therefore use woven brand tags these days. The size and type of brand tags vary depending on the bags.

Sometimes we see customers with bags whose brand tags are frayed from much use.
When we see such bags, our hearts become warm with gratitude that the customers have loved and used them for so long.

When making bags, the first thing the craftspeople do is sew on the brand tags.
It is a rather tense moment as the tags have to be sewn on straight.

Each brand tag represents our bags. Which of the three brand tags does your bag have?