Ichizawa Shinzaburo Hanpu

Smart storage for small items

Smart storage for small items

23A, 123A, and 123B were originally made as wallets.
Although at first sight a bit confusing as to where to put what items because of the unique design, it's remarkably suitable for storing small items in an orderly fashion.


123A : Ideal for small items such as a mirror or lipstick.
23A : Can be used to carry your favorite stationery items.
123B : Can be folded into two for storing important patient registration card and medication record book.
They are used by our craftspeople and staff not only as a wallet but also a pouch for holding accessories, bank passbook, portable battery or cable for their smartphone.
Before wallets came to be made from leather, cloth wallets such as the traditional wallet, douchu saifu, or money belt, doumaki, were the mainstream in Japan. Basically coins were kept in the inner pocket and bills in the front pocket. In the past, people wore the wallets hanging around their necks from a piece of string attached to the wallet side or in the case of a monk, kept close to the vest of their samue or work clothes.
In the past we have made wallets with the shop's name stamped on them for liquor stores.
The rustic and simple design has continued to be used as they are ideal for men and women of all ages.

The wallets are available in 11 colors.
You can color coordinate the wallets according to use such as the Blue-gray for going to the doctor, Purple for accessories, and Navy for stationary items, making life easier and simpler when looking for the right items to put in your bag.

Although an organizer with pockets is also a good way to keep things neat in your bag, it's fun to decide how to use the wallets as they are so simple in design that they lend themselves to most any use.
Additionally, the texture of cotton canvas is pleasing to the touch.

Smart storage for small items.
It belies its smallness in size with its handy convenience.
Knowing where everything is in the bag gives you a sense of accomplishment and relief.
It's perfect as a gift as well.