Ichizawa Shinzaburo Hanpu


About purchasing

How do I make the payment?

For online transactions, only payment by credit card is accepted. We accept all major credit cards such as VISA, MasterCard, American Express, etc. You will be billed when your order has been confirmed.



Can the bags be gift-wrapped?

We apologize but we do not offer any special gift-wrapping service. However, we can provide a paper/plastic shopping bag with your order (the material of the shopping bag is chosen at our discretion depending on the size of the product).
Please indicate in the box, “Special instructions”, when you place your order.
When ordering multiple items, please specify which item you would like to have a shopping bag included.

When will I be billed after placing an order?

You will be billed when your order has been confirmed.

I didn’t receive a confirmation e-mail for my order.

Confirmation e-mails are sent automatically once your order has been confirmed with us. If you cannot find your confirmation e-mail, please check your spam folder and double check the e-mail address you have used for typos, misspellings, etc. However, if you still fail to receive confirmation, please contact us at info@ichizawa.co.jp.

Can I combine my order?

Please be aware that orders cannot be combined if the confirmation dates and/or payment methods differ.

Can I cancel or change my order?

Please note that cancellations and/or order changes are not accepted. Should you have made a mistake when entering your information or when selecting your desired items, please contact us as quickly as possible at info@ichizawa.co.jp for assistance.
If changes are made, some handling charge may occur.

About delivery

How long will it take to receive the product(s) after placing an order?

The product(s) will be shipped within a month after your order has been placed.
However, it may take more time to arrive depending on the shipment destination.

How much is the cost of shipping?

The product(s) is shipped with the overseas courier services such as DHL, UPS or FedEx.
The shipping cost is a flat rate per destination regardless of weight or amount of items per order.

Eastern Asia such as Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China: $15
Southeastern Asia such as Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia: $15
Southern Asia such as India: $20
Oceania: $20
Northern America: $20
Europe: $25
Africa and Middle East: $100 (UAE and Saudi Arabia: $60)
Eastern Europe such as Russia and Ukraine: $80
South and Central America: $80

In addition, charges such as import duty, VAT (value-added tax), or customs duty may be charged at the customer’s end.

Will import charge or tax have to be paid when I receive the product?

Yes, charges such as import duty, VAT (value-added tax), or customs duty may be charged on customer's end.

Why can't I choose the shipment area?

We ship our product(s) all over the world to Asia, Oceania, the Americas, Europe and Africa. However, we apologize in advance as there are some destinations we are unable to ship to.

About our products

Where can I try the product?

There is only one shop and it is located in Kyoto, Japan.

Where do you make the products?

Our products are produced in our workshop in Kyoto, Japan. Our workshop is nearby our shop. 

What material do you use?

Our products are made of cotton or linen canvas. Canvas is thick cloth weighing over eight ounces (228 grams) per one square meter. Canvases of different thicknesses are used for different purposes.

Are your bags waterproofed?

Yes, almost all of our items have been waterproofed.

What is the difference among the three labels?

We have three lines of products with each having a different brand name label. The Shinzaburo Hanpu label is for our plain, unprinted cotton bags; the Shinzaburo Kaban label is used for our linen as well as some cotton canvas products which have been printed with our original patterns; the Ichizawa Hanpu label is used for original products which have been specially made for craftspeople.

Can I have my bag customized?

We do not offer any customization options such as embroidered names and initials for purchases made through our online shop.

How do I wash the bag?

Use a clothes brush to brush off dirt and debris; almost all of our items have been waterproofed. Since washing reduces water resistance and causes colors to fade, it is highly recommended that products not be washed for as long as feasible. Do not dry-clean or machine wash.
Please see the link below for details.

Do you do repairs?

Should your Ichizawa Hanpu product(s) require repair resulting from normal wear and tear, we would be happy to do so at cost. In the case of repairs, we would appreciate if you would first send pictures of the item and the areas requiring repair to: info@ichizawa.co.jp
Our craftspeople will determine just how much can be repaired and what cannot be. If you are amenable to their suggestions for repair and the ensuing cost, either bring or send the item to our shop. Please note that shipping cost must be handled by the sender. After receiving the item at our workshop, it will take from one or two months for the repairs to be completed. Please note that there are times the damage to the bag or the wear to the material is too extensive for repairs.
Please see the link below for details.

Will color rub off onto my clothes?

At times, color may rub off onto your clothing when the bag becomes wet due to rain/snow or sweat as well as from friction. Therefore, please be careful.