Ichizawa Shinzaburo Hanpu

Easy-to-organize bag

Easy-to-organize bag

H-11 is a bag characterized by its clean-cut lines.
Outwardly the H-11 may appear to be designed along simple lines, however, the inside is another matter as it is most ingeniously designed.



H-11 was originally designed as a bag used when collecting due payments. The ingenuity of the craftspeople can be appreciated as such necessities as receipts, pens, and payments, etc. can be stored neatly.

H-11 [Small] can carry B5 documents horizontally.
It is just the right size for a tablet device of around 10 inches.
Although H-11 is small, it has plenty of inner pockets, making it easy to store small items that tend to become lost inside the bag.

H-11 [Large] can carry A4 documents horizontally.

The bag bottom is wide enough to hold not only a laptop or documents, but also a lunch box, water bottle, or even a bulky business diary.

H-11 is simple and square in design. However, an extra effort in the making of this bag is hidden in its design.
When craftspeople make a standard tote bag, they firstly sew the body and bottom of the bag from the inside. The bag is then carefully turned inside out and the edges hammered flat.
Most of our tote bag' process would be completed at this stage, but for H-11, the edges of the bottom as well as the sides of the bag are sewn again for reinforcement.
As a result, H-11 is a square-ish bag with sturdy corners and does not lose its shape even after years of use.

H-11 lends itself to easy organization of belongings and is versatile so that it can be used in any situation from work or daily life.