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Canvas randoseru, a ransel type backpack (Japanese-style school backpack)

Canvas randoseru, a ransel type backpack (Japanese-style school backpack)

In Japan, most elementary school children use the box-shaped backpack (image above) called randoseru. Starting school can be an anxious time that is intertwined with fun and excitement as well as new experiences. The randoseru accompanies the child each day to school, sharing and commiserating with each new experience or set back. At Ichizawa Shinzaburo Hanpu, we also offer such a backpack.


Although Ichizawa Shinzaburo Hanpu's 
R-01 backpack is popular among adults for everyday use, it is also used by many children as a school bag. Not only is it used for going to school, but for school excursions, after-school activities, study tours, and vacations. It accompanies the child everywhere, from the first grade of elementary school to even when the child has become an adult.

The first thing you notice about R-01 is how light it is. Although most randoseru weigh more than 1 kilogram, R-01 is only 830 grams. The difference is just 200 grams or so, but is a major difference for young children.
Despite looking more compact than the regular leather randoseru, it has sufficient capacity to hold all the necessities of a school child. Besides which, it is not too bulky so it does not take up too much space on the crowded commuter train.

Product No.: R-01
Size: H32 x W26 x D11 cm
Shoulder strap length: Approx. 49 - 79 cm Handle length: Approx. 19 cm
Weight: Approx. 830g
Capacity: Approx. 11 liters
Comes in six colors
Shoulder pads are sold separately in units of one. Therefore, two would be needed should you wish to use them on a backpack.
<Care and maintenance>
As the randoseru material has been water-proofed, the contents will not become wet during a light rainfall. When it becomes wet, all that needs to be done is to wipe the moisture off and dry.
Please click here for information on daily care.
If damaged due to long use, our craftsperson will repair it individually and with care.
Although it normally takes about two months for repairs, as it is an item that is used daily, should you need the repairs done quickly, please contact us. For more detail about repairs, please click here.

Example of repairs done: Replacing shoulder straps and mending a hole

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