Ichizawa Shinzaburo Hanpu

Shinzaburo's Classic Shoulder Bag

Shinzaburo's Classic Shoulder Bag

Among our shoulder bags, the S-02 series is the lightest and simplest besides being the slimmest in width.
Without exaggeration, most of us, including the boss, craftspeople, and staff, use it on a daily basis. What is the secret of its popularity?



[S-02 Small size]
When speaking of company owner, Shinzaburo, what comes to mind is this shape as he is never without this bag.


A well thought out, clean-cut design that has done away with extraneous metal fittings. The shoulder strap length cannot be adjusted. However it is a length that has been calculated for adult use.



It is user friendly as you can check out the contents of the bag at a glance and holds long wallets vertically as well as a smartphone.
Besides your main bag, this bag can be used not for only carrying valuables but as a second pocket for those items that do not fit in your pocket proper. It is also ideal as a companion when taking a walk around the neighborhood. The simple, basic shape makes it ideal as a gift. Do find the perfect one for yourself from our wide array of colors and patterns.


S-02 [Small] Olive-green(Olive-green)


[S-02 Medium size]
Perfect for holding documents and pamphlets as well as a PET bottle, not to mention a folding umbrella! It is no wonder that there are so many customers who love to travel with this bag besides using it on a daily basis.



The inner pocket prevents valuables such as keys from getting lost within the bag. As the bag molds to your body and feels a part of you, many customers purchase it in different colors and patterns. Those of our craftspeople and staff, who commute with little baggage, sling this bag diagonally across their shoulder and cycle to work.


S-02 [Medium] Japanese red(Beige)


[S-02 Large size]
The beauty of this shoulder bag is its size. Not only A4 size files but also a largish water bottle can be stored, and should the things you wish to take suddenly increase, all can be stored without undue fuss. Due to its depth, items tend to sift to the bottom of the bag, but finding ways and means to circumvent this is a pleasurable challenge of how to make the best use of the inner pocket as well as pouches.



It is a versatile bag which can be used as a single-handle handbag by adjusting the length of the shoulder strap. When hung from the shoulder, it takes on a totally different look. Thus it can be adjusted to match your outfit and mood of the day.


S-02 [Large] Black(Black)