Ichizawa Shinzaburo Hanpu

Hitotsuki (Sun and Moon)

Hitotsuki (Sun and Moon)

One day, our boss had a flash of inspiration resulting in the creation of the hitotsuki (Sun and Moon) pattern.
Rather than the symmetrical circle admired in western countries, ours is slightly asymmetrical, the form strangely soothing and calming.
The sun is an auspicious symbol and the font of vitality whereas the moon symbolizes tranquility and its radiance purifying the heart.
The sun and moon have been objects of worship from ancient times, and have come to be used as the pattern seen today.

The golden sun and silver moon matches any item of clothing while providing a nice visual accent.
At the behest of our customers, the off-white bags, which were originally available as a limited edition in 2017 and 2019, respectively, have now been added to our line of standard bags.

Hitotsuki / Black
The sun and moon are depicted against the night sky. Both stylish yet subtle, it can be used by anyone regardless of age or gender.


NZ-14 pouch


Left: N-14[Medium], right: N-33


Hitotsuki / Off-white
The sun and moon are depicted against the dawn sky. The subtle color combination goes well even with a kimono. It is also recommended as a gift to a woman.




Left: N-10, right: N-13


With the off-white bags becoming standard items, many different styles are available in this pattern.
When you find your favorite size and color, please enjoy an outing with your newly purchased bag.
Meanwhile at home, do enjoy the subtle colors and shape of the sun and moon while relaxing in the privacy of your room.



From the left N-14[Medium], N-14[Small], N-06(03), N-20, N-10


From the left N-33, N-13, NS-02[Small], NS-02[Medium], NZ-14 pouch, NZ-10 pencil case


From the left N-05[Large], N-20, N-33, N-13


From the left N-10, NS-02[Small], NS-02[Medium], NZ-14 pouch, NZ-10 pencil case