Ichizawa Shinzaburo Hanpu

A backpack that you never tire of

A backpack that you never tire of

The other day, a university student came to our shop saying, "I’ve been using this backpack every day since junior high."
The memory-filled backpack is her trademark.
We repaired the slightly damaged shoulder straps.
Her lovely smile and words, “I will use it with care", remain in our hearts.



The backpack that you can use daily without getting tired of it.
The canvas molds to your body with use and is perfect for going to school as it can be stuffed with a wide variety of items such as textbooks, lunch box, and gym clothes.



For junior high school and high school aged children, it may not have the flair of a trendy fashion item, but it makes up for it by being an item that can be used daily without it becoming blasé.



500ml PET bottle or water bottle can fit in the side pocket.
R-12 Olive-green


You can put many things in the front pocket.
R-05[Large] Japanese red(Beige)


To use what you like from a young age for a long time!
Isn’t this the way towards sustainability?

The children, who came to the store with their parents, grew up to become members of society. They now stop by our shop to choose gifts for their parents and loved ones as well as a bag for their new-born child.



It gives us great pleasure to observe this gentle flow of time and changing of the generations.