Ichizawa Shinzaburo Hanpu

Ichizawa's extra-large bags

Ichizawa's extra-large bags

Most of our standard bags from old that carry the Ichizawa Hanpu brand tag, were made to meet the needs of various professionals such as carpenters, plasters, electricians, as well as liquor shop owners.
Some distinctive bags that may not be found in other shops such as those used to carry ice or milk bottles are still made at our shop.
Among these unique bags is one that outshines them all - the extra-large bags. The bags are unique not just because of their size and so we would like to take this opportunity to explain just how they are so special.

Bag when moving house - No.100 (large)



The largest bag in our product line-up is No.100 (large) and has been nicknamed hikkoshi meaning “moving house”.
As the nickname suggests, the bag was used to pack belongings at a time when there were no professional movers or cardboard boxes.
They were ideal to pack large objects or keep one’s belongings together.
Some overseas tourists say that they will use them to pack all the souvenirs and presents they have bought to bring back home!
No.100 (small) is a size smaller and is sometimes used to carry bogu, the protective armor used in Kendo.

Thanks to its large capacity, it can even store a futon!

Ice bag: No.93 (large)



The next largest bag is No.93 (large).
In the early years of the Showa Period, before the advent of electrical refrigerators, ice boxes, which used blocks of ice to keep the perishables cool, were used. Ice shops would deliver blocks of ice by cart to shops or individual homes. The bag was specifically made to carry blocks of ice from the cart to the customer. The large size can carry ice blocks weighing a total of 32kg.
Today, when camping or enjoying outdoor activities, camping and outdoor gear can be packed into the bag and stored in the car's trunk.
Some customers have also said that they use this bag to store children's toys. They say that the bag is especially helpful when there is an unexpected visitor and the living room can be tidied up in seconds by simply tossing in all the toys lying around the room.
Its simple design makes it unobtrusive so that it melds well with any interior decoration.



It is a perfect bag to keep toy clutter under control.


Tool bag: No.17G



The largest bag of the No.17 series is No.17G.
This tool bag is different from the moving house bag and ice bag, which are sewn along the sides and back, as it is sewn from a single sheet of canvas.
No.17G is the largest of these bags. Longer and wider than the moving house bag or the ice bag, it can carry A2 sized documents or goods.
No.17G can be carried from your shoulder making transportation easy.
It's also a perfect size for carrying an easel and paints.




As the bags are simple in design, they are much lighter than they look and can be folded and carried.
Their natural texture, pleasant to the touch, is pure canvas and can not be compared with that of synthetic fabrics often used in large-sized bags. Besides which, as they are made from canvas, they retain their shape even after long use.
Our extra-large bags provide you with the surety of knowing you can pack your belongings into one bag anywhere you wish and this has held true through the ages.