Ichizawa Shinzaburo Hanpu

The user-friendly shoulder bag

The user-friendly shoulder bag

The S-27 features our original Kanji character for bag on the front.
This shoulder bag was released to commemorate the 110th anniversary of Ichizawa Shinzaburo Hanpu.
The idea was the brainchild of a craftsperson, who commutes to work by bicycle. Many hours and many modifications later, it was finally ready for production.

Although the S-27 has quite a visual impact at first sight, its carefully thought out user-friendliness is evident throughout the bag.
We would like to introduce various aspects of the bag that has been created with special thought in regard to usability.

The remarkable point is its 12-liter capacity.
As the S-27 can be carried flush against the body, it does not move around unlike other shoulder bags and hence, is more stable.


Size: H36 x W29 x D10 (cm)
Shoulder strap length: approx. 74 - 103 (cm)
Weight: approx. 640 (g)


Extra thought and care was put into the bag so that it could be easily swung from the back of the body to the front.
Thanks to this feature, objects can be taken out or placed in the bag without having to take it off. Besides this, the two zippers allow you to take A4 size documents and files out of the bag easily.



Valuable items such as your smartphone or wallet can be stored safely in the zippered front pocket.


Front pocket with zipper


The back pocket is the perfect size for items that require quick access, such as a facial mask or a thin notepad. It's also great to store a map when traveling.


Back pocket


To avoid the bag digging into the shoulder because of the weight, the shoulder strap has been padded with urethane foam.


Shoulder strap


Although the S-27 has a backpack-like capacity, items can be neatly organized inside.
The bag is extremely popular especially among people who usually commute by bike or motorcycle.
However, its special features make it a great companion not only for commuting but also for everyday life.