Ichizawa Shinzaburo Hanpu

Backpack you want to take everywhere

Backpack you want to take everywhere

An elderly woman dropped by our shop during her trip to Kyoto with her friends from decades ago. She had our shop in her itinerary as she had wanted to introduce her friends to her favorite bags.

“This bag is really comfortable and you can walk miles with it.”
“Oh really? I'd always admired it.”
“It's really light.”
“It's not too big and not too small. It's just the right size.”
“This red is too young for me, don’t you think?”


They tried on bags in various colors and ended up buying R-10 in different colors.
“We will come again with our R-10.” they promised as they happily left our shop with their coveted bags.

R-10 is the perfect bag for walking around town, so much so that anyone would recommend it.



Its user-friendliness is due to the following:
- Thin cotton canvas makes it light, soft, and immensely carry-able.
- Special, soft canvas shoulder straps makes it less onerous to the shoulders.
- No large buckles on shoulder straps makes bag easy to shoulder and unshoulder.
- Good for a walk around town as it can hold A4-size documents as well as a water bottle.
- Straight, clean-cut lines makes it easy to match any outfit.


Has one compartment inside; A4 size documents or water bottle can be stored.


Buckles on the shoulder straps are not intrusive.


Our staff members who have R-10 also endorse it as "R-10 is light, soft, and so easy to use."
Taking a short trip or a walk around town is made that much more enjoyable when the bag on your back is not intrusive.

The much used and faded bag at the beginning of this blog must be full of memories of ordinary day-to-day occurrences as well as those of various outings.
It's strange but all this just makes the bag that much more loveable.