Ichizawa Shinzaburo Hanpu

Backpack for Everyday

Backpack for Everyday
From the left, R-10 Purple(Beige), R-11 Light-brown(Gray), No.41 Beige(Olive-green), R-08 Gray(Navy)

There is something special about canvas backpacks as the more you use them, the more you become attached to them. After having used it every day through wind and rain, it has been broken in so that it is synonymous with you.
Here are our backpacks that can be used in a variety of everyday situations.

It's a lightweight, simple backpack. Its soft straps do not hurt the shoulders, and the flap can easily be fastened by just a twist of the knob. It is the right size to hold items needed for running errands or for a short outing, such as a wallet, phone, handkerchief, a paperback, laptop, and a bottle of water. It is a favorite among many of our craftspeople and staff.

R-10 Purple(Beige)

Made of thick canvas, it is ideal for carrying heavy documents and laptops safely. Items that need to be taken out or put away quickly can be stored in the large front pocket which has a gusset. As it has handles on the top, it can be carried like a tote bag on a crowded train or a bus. Even when carried by the handles, the shoulder straps do not drag on the ground. With its clean and simple design, it also goes well with a suit.

R-11 Light-brown(Gray)

Many customers come to our shop with their well-used old-style backpacks of Ichizawa Hanpu. They are popular especially among female customers because they are not too large, not too small and very easy to use. Therefore, at long last, they have made their come back as our standard item again. It can hold A4 size documents and even a small lunchbox while the bottom plate prevents it from losing its shape. It is useful for a wide range of activities, from commuting to weekend hiking.

No.41 Beige(Olive-green)

This backpack is popular among customers not only in Japan but worldwide. It draws attention in our store with its vivid two-tone color scheme. Not only does it look good but is outstandingly functional. With a capacity of 18 liters, it is large enough to be taken on a weekend trip. It has seven pockets, the largest number of pockets of all our bags, making it fun to decide what goes into which pocket. For example, the bottled drink goes into the pocket on the side, the phone in the pocket with a cover, travel brochures in the tall pocket in the front, etc.

R-08 Gray(Navy)

Backpacks are certainly convenient as they free our hands. As they can be used by anyone irrespective of age, it can be used by all the members of the family.
Please do find your favorite backpack.