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Travel bags

Travel bags

It's always exciting when going on a trip.
Questions swirl through your mind: “What should I take?” “What clothes to wear?” “What gifts to buy there ?”
Packing your overflowing hopes and anticipations into the bag, off you go!
Well, here is a perfect travel bag for you.

Standard travel bag - the Boston bag


Their large capacity makes our Boston bags ideal for a two or three-day trip.
Extremely functional with two types of inner pockets, one with a zipper and the other with width while the three pockets in the front and one in the back are an added convenience.
For items such as a train ticket that requires quick and smooth access but which need to be kept safe, they can be placed in the front pocket as it comes with a flap.
It is also ideal for long-distance trips as it can be placed on the baggage rack in the Shinkansen and out of the way.
In addition, there is the optional shoulder strap which can be attached to the bag should it become too heavy to carry by hand.




One-day trip bag

If you need both lightness and large capacity in a bag when going on a trip, S-23 [Large] is a good choice. S-23 [Large] can be used both as a shoulder bag as well as a tote bag and is ideal as a one-day trip bag. The wide opening makes it easy to take belongings in or out and can be closed with a zipper.
This carry-on size bag is perfect for a trip to any destination whether by train or plane.