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Linen canvas

Linen canvas

Linen canvas has a deeper color, unique sheen and texture that is quite different from that of cotton canvas. Furthermore, the more it is used, the more character it develops.
Back in the mid 1980s, some old linen cloth bales were found in our workshop's warehouse.
The material had been used to make weapon covering during World War II.

The smoky, dark green called “National Defense Color” (kokuboshoku) was most attractive. Our efforts to recreate the color was the beginning of Ichizawa Shinzaburo Hanpu's line of linen canvas bags.


The linen canvas used to make our bags is woven flax.
Flax is mainly cultivated in the cold regions of Europe, so we started to import the linen bales. However, the quality and supply were not quite what they should be.

We therefore decided to import the flaxen threads instead and through many years of trial and error, finally succeeded in weaving high-quality linen canvas in Japan.

Fascinated with the unique sheen of the material and the texture, we gradually increased the range of colors.
We now make regular linen bags in 6 colors such as wine red, ultramarine, gold-brown, off-white, deep green, and black.
The thick and solid linen canvas is not only perfect for summer use but throughout the seasons.

Linen cloth has burls in its fiber, so it is really difficult to weave the threads uniformly, resulting in burls appearing on the surface at times.
However, the occasional burls and difference in thickness of threads serve to give expression to the texture and are proof of the naturalness of the material, as can be seen with prolonged use.

Helped along by the sun's rays and the wind, the colors gradually fade and the material softens with use.
It is truly fascinating to see how each bag changes according to the users.
Please enjoy the aging and the making of your bag truly yours.




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