Ichizawa Shinzaburo Hanpu

From children to grown-ups, everyone's "School Commuting Bag"

From children to grown-ups, everyone's "School Commuting Bag"

S-10 and S-11 are our small pochettes.
More than 40 years ago, a customer asked if we could make a bag for her child to use when commuting to kindergarten. The result was the horizontal pochette, S-10.
As a result, the S-10 is known as Tsu-en or "commuting to kindergarten" in Japanese at our company. With use, we have continually added improvements until it has become the S-10 of today.
Later, the vertical version of Tsu-en, S-11, was released.


The horizontal S-10 is roundish in design while the vertical S-11 has a neat and sharp look.
Although the dimensions and specifications are almost the same, it's interesting to note that the "look" is so different depending on its shape.


From the left, S-10 Purple and S-11 Beige.

When the S-10 or S-11 is worn slung from across your shoulder, somehow they match any form of clothing.
Our bags are used by many customers regardless of age or gender but the S-10 and S-11 are especially so.
The reason why the S-10 and S-11 are widely supported from small children to adults is its design.


- The body and the shoulder strap are the same color, giving it a simple look.
- The thin and slender shoulder strap does not interfere with the coordination of your clothing.
- The gently curved corners do not hurt even when the bag comes in contact with your body while in use.
- The large front and inner pockets make it easy to store items.
- The shoulder strap length is adjustable and can be shortened or lengthened according to the user's age and intent.



The mouth of the bag is wide so it is easy to find things inside.


The vertical S-11 can hold a 500 ml sized bottle of water vertically.


The shoulder strap adjustment is most ingenious and unique. A special buckle called "Alpen", normally used for mountaineering backpacks or car hood attachments, is used enabling shortening of the shoulder strap without having to cut it.
This unique feature of Tsu-en enables you to adjust the shoulder strap according to the growth of your child.


How to change the length of shoulder strap



Thanks to its simple design, anyone regardless of age or gender can easily use the S-10 and S-11.
They come in 12 colors in cotton plain canvas, 9 patterns in cotton patterned canvas (NS-10), and 6 colors in linen canvas (IS-10, IS-11).