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Enjoying the colors: H-04 Series

Enjoying the colors: H-04 Series

One of our signature bags, which is loved by many customers regardless of age or gender, is the H-04 series (H-04[Medium] and H-04[Large]).
Originally made by a milk shop to carry milk bottles, our milk delivery bag (No.268) has been reinvented to make it more practical for everyday purposes.
There is also the No.168 series (No.168[Medium] and No.168[Large]) in the exact shape and size as the H-04 series, but the main feature of the H-04. series is that the color of the handle and the body are different. By using two colors, this bag can be coordinated to match a variety of moods and outfits.

The Black body, Blue-gray handle, and white stitching around the opening gives the bag a softer look.
It can be matched with a wide range of clothes such as dressy jackets as well as casual clothes.

H-04 [Medium] / Black × Blue-gray


The combination of Light-brown body and Blue-gray handle gives it a festive look.
This bag is easy to match with subdued colored clothes such as those in monotones and browns, and can be used to add a touch of color to the ensemble.


 H-04 [Medium] / Light-brown × Blue-gray


The timeless color combination of Beige and Navy.
The color of the stitching is similar to that of the bag fabric, helping to create a chic look.


The same outfit can be made to look different depending on the color of the bag.


The two-tone H-04 series is available in two sizes, medium and large.
The medium sized bag is not only useful for daily purposes such as commuting to work and school, or to go shopping, but also for overnight trips.
The large-sized bag, on the other hand, can fit B4 size documents both vertically or horizontally. It has height, so it is convenient when going to
the gym with a yoga mat, towel, change of clothes, a water bottle, and for carrying other large items. In addition, the large-sized bottom is studded, making it ideal when placing the bag on the ground when outdoors.



The fabric is a little stiff at first, but will soften with use so that it molds to your body while gently enfolding the contents of the bag.