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Perfect for going out with just essentials:The S-14

Perfect for going out with just essentials:The S-14

The main characteristic of the S-14 is its roundish design.
Due to its small size, the S-14 is sometimes considered to be a bag for women and children.
Occasional feedback from our male customers is, “Great design; but too small.”

However, it is in its smallness that lies its distinct advantages.


The metal fitting on the front flap can be twisted open with just one hand, making it easy to access the bag’s content while the front pocket can hold business cards or a commuter pass case.


* Please note: Some long wallets may not fit into the S-14.

Despite its size, it can hold minimum small items such as a wallet, smartphone, 230 ml water bottle and handkerchief.
Flat items such as a bank book or small notebook fits into the inner pocket.
The incredibly convenient storage capacity of S-14 cannot be imagined from its small size and cute design.

Furthermore, the rounded curve of the bag is a perfect accent to one’s clothing.
As it is compact and also unobtrusive, it does not interfere with your daily routine.
By changing the length of the shoulder strap, it can take on a different look.
It can also be worn slung across and close to the body by shortening the shoulder strap.

The number of “must take” items seems to multiply each day. However, have you considered just taking along only the essentials and go about town light footed for a change?

S-14 is available in 11 colors.
As each color generates a different feel, it is ideal for matching your mood of the day and your wardrobe.
We recommend the bag to not only children and female customers but also to male customers as there is more to the bag than just its overt smallness.

A staff member has been using this S-14 Black for five years! Should you wish to know more about this particular bag, please check it out in our blog entitled, “A school trip and S-14”.


After some years of use, the canvas gradually softens, making it easier to put in and take out items.