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A shoulder bag I want to continue using: S-17

A shoulder bag I want to continue using: S-17

“Do you have the same bag as this one?"
A customer brought in a heavily used S-17 shoulder bag.

“This is the third bag of this kind I've used so far. I've tried others but I've come to the conclusion that this is the one for me."

The S-17 is a popular shoulder bag that has been purchased again and again in the same color as the previous one or in a new color.

The reasons for its popularity are:
- All items can be found easily as it's not too deep.
- Smooth opening and closing of zipper.
- Two convenient pockets of different sizes on the front.

This bag was made when a customer said, "I'd like a bag that can be zipped open and closed like the S-10, but just a little bit bigger."

Instead of simply making the S-10 larger, we inserted the zipper so that it was straight and without the curve as in the S-10. This way it could be opened and closed with ease.

“I've used this bag for so many years that I can find things in the bag without looking as my hands seem to have memorized the position of each item. I can't imagine myself using anything other than this bag." - happy words from a long-time user of the bag.

When using the same type of bag over and over again, you can make your own rules such as how to keep things neat and tidy in the bag.
There is also the joy of looking for items that fit perfectly into the bag, and also to discover your very own way of using it.
When the bag has been in use for a long time, the fabric becomes softer and the various items stored within it look right at home in their personal niches.

“I want to use this bag again." - these are the encouraging words that this shoulder bag allows us to hear.

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